Meet your heroes and receive digital signings

Project duration


My role

Cofounder and CTO

 Liam Payne on the QJAM app


QJAM brings meet & greet and signing events in to the digital age. It is a livestreaming platform that allows fans from all over the world to queue up for the chance to livestream with their heroes and receive a personalised digital autograph. Music artists such as Liam Payne, Melanie C, OMD, and Supergrass have hosted multiple events on QJAM enjoyed by thousands of real-time viewers.


When I joined QJAM, the founders Toby Harris, a record label holder, and Anthony Rose, the guy who created the BBC iPlayer, had already worked with 2 software development agencies who had failed to create a product that matched their expectations. I had recently successfully implemented livestreaming in my app Papped - an app that Anthony had invested in. Anthony pitched QJAM to me and I joined as cofounder and CTO.

From idea to launch

From just a brief I designed and built a native iOS app from scratch along with the backend systems that fulfilled all requirements within a few months. I brought in 5 investors who I worked with to implement the branding of the app. I then lead a team of React Native, backend and web developers to expand our online presence and scale up our infrastructure. I continue to work on the iOS app, backend servers and website to this day.

Notable Tech Implementations

  • Real-time livestreaming between creators and fans that has the capability to support an unlimited number of viewers

  • Integration with Firebase for real-time data updates.

  • Used OneSignal for push notifications.

  • Used Fastlane with CircleCI to build, test and submit the app for beta testing just by merging a Bitbucket branch.

  • Heavily tested iOS code so that I can sleep at night.

  • Modular architecture so that features can be rapidly added/changed.

  • Worked with Instagram to improve their IGListKit framework for use within QJAM.

Tech Used

Swift, SwiftUI, Bitbucket, Firebase, AWS, Lambda, Cloudfront, OpenTok, Fastlane, CircleCI, OneSignal, Vercel, Node.js, Pivotal Web Services


QJAM launched with the world's first digital signing with Liam Payne, and has since been used by over 100k fans from over 185 different countries. It has reached the top 100 in the UK music App Store charts and 3rd in the Argentinian music App Store charts. Artists have been signed with Universal Music, Warner Music, Island Records, Walt Disney and more.

By the way, QJAM is raising investment right now. If you're interested in investing or learning more about QJAM please contact me.