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Your local anonymous social network


Project duration

2016 - 2018

My role

Cofounder and CEO

Papped app


Papped was an anonymous local social network designed for university students to get in on the action around them. It was used by people to chat, share funny content, tell stories, find love, livestream with people nearby, and for businesses to promote their wares.


The Backstory

Two uni students approached me with the idea of Papped from my university just after I graduated. At the time I knew nothing about business or startups, let alone how to build a social network. From this idea, I built an iOS app, designed a website, created the backend systems and wrote a full length business plan. I pitched to Anthony Rose, the guy who created the BBC iPlayer, and he invested £20k. With this small amount of money we managed to cover the cost of servers, marketing, law suits, trademarks, and a small salary for myself for dev work.

Notable Tech Implementations

  • Implemented a social network with posts, comments, notifications, direct messaging, and profiles.

  • Added location based features and online presence.

  • Implemented a backend system to return posts within a radius of a location.

  • Taught myself Java and mongoDB for the backend.

  • Optimised the server to handle thousands of users.

  • Created a modular iOS architecture for rapid iteration of features.

  • Implemented livestreaming within the app.

  • Created heavily tested iOS code.

Tech Used

Swift, Bitbucket, AWS, Lambda, Cloudfront, Fastlane, Java, Spring Framework, mongoDB, Pivotal Web Services.


Papped reached the top 50 social networking apps in Turkey, achieved 16k downloads, had a Facebook marketing CPI of 6p, and one person found their husband on the app! The implementation of the livestreaming feature then lead me on to my next startup QJAM.