iOS Development

iOS Development

I have 10 years experience in developing native iOS apps and now develop exclusively in Swift. I take pride in being able to scope out and develop a project from just a brief and I work in an honest and transparent way (see below for the process I use for taking on new work). I have a keen eye for UI and UX design and know how important it is to have an app that feels polished, looks great, and can scale with use.


I'm the CTO and cofounder of QJAM, an app used by high profile music artists that has been in the top 100 apps in the UK music App Store charts. I also created an app startup called Papped that was in the top 50 social networking apps in Turkey.


Recent freelance work has included URFeed, where I implemented complex video editing and a video feed similar to TikTok.

I love challenging projects and I'd love to hear from you!

Transparent Working

The following steps outline the process I use for taking on new freelance work.

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Initial Contact

Reach out to me and I'll get back to you ASAP with an honest opinion about whether I can help or not.

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Follow Up

If it sounds like a project I could help with I'll schedule a call with you to find out more. If it's an existing project that needs some work, I'll need access to the code so I can take a look at what I'm dealing with. I'm happy to sign an NDA if necessary.


I'll form a specification based on the information I've been given and verify this with you. If it's a big project, I will split it up into smaller deliverables. This way you don't have to commit to something huge upfront, and I can get a feel for the project.

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Time and cost estimates

I'll generate an estimate for the number of hours that I believe the project will take and an estimated cost.

I charge £80/hour for development work. Please be aware that I do not work on a profit-share or equity basis for any projects.

Start date and legals

After agreeing a start and estimated completion date, a Consultancy Agreement and an IP Assignment will need to be created. Preferably on SeedLegals.

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Delivery and payment

Once the project has been completed, tested and handed over I will send you an invoice.

Further work

If there are more deliverables from the project, or any other work you'd like me to do, I will repeat the above steps for each deliverable.

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