iOS Development Consultancy

Hiring a consultant for your company can be a great way to lower costs, provide clarity, and save time.


I have a wealth of experience in both developing iPhone and iPad apps, building tech startups and managing teams. The chances are that I've encountered the same problems that you're experiencing.


Consultancy Services

I offer the following advisory services at a fixed rate of £80/hour

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Apple's Policies

I know how frustrating it can be when you've built an app and then it gets rejected by Apple when you submit it for review. I also know how important it is to play by Apple's rules to maximise revenue and customers.

I will help you navigate Apple's App Store Policies and Human Interface Guidelines, and show you how to optimise your App Store page to maximise installs.

App Store Policy

Code Review

Have you outsourced development to an off-shore company but aren't happy with the results? Or maybe you've hired a junior developer but the app keeps crashing? Perhaps your in-house developer isn't sure about the best way to proceed? Or maybe you just want a second opinion on something.

I've participated in countless code reviews and will happily review your code and provide you or your team with an assessment and guidance on the best way to proceed. 

Product Vetting

Do you have an idea for an app but are unsure of the technologies required to get it built? Maybe you're unsure of whether the idea is one that's going to succeed as a business. Maybe you aren't sure if you should build it for iOS only or both iOS and Android.

I will help you vet your idea before you spend lots of money and time on building it so that you know exactly what avenues to take.

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I've had my fair share of tech interviews and hired a good number of employees in tech roles. I know what to look out for when hiring a good developer, and I know how hiring the wrong person can be devastating for a company.

Before you hire an engineer that you've found, I will vet them for their technical prowess. This could be a review of their CV, a review of some of their past projects, setting a technical task for them to complete, or a face-to-face interview over Zoom. I will make sure that they are using the best practices when building your project.

Freelancer Recommendations

I have a network of freelancers that I trust and know do a very good job (I have very high standards!). After vetting your project, I can connect you with an appropriate freelancer to help you build your product.

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