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Freelance iOS development and consultancy

Yusuf Tör
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iOS Development

I have 10 years experience developing iOS apps and am the CTO at QJAM. I know how important it is to have an app that feels polished, looks great, and can scale with use.

If you're looking for someone to work on a new or existing iOS app, I'm the person you're looking for.

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iOS Development

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Rocket ship

Startup Founder

I'm a co-founder and CTO at QJAM, a live streaming platform where fans can meet their favourite music artists. This means I have experience in building high-profile scalable systems to tight deadlines.


Experienced Freelancer

I recently completed freelance work on the URFeed app, specialising in video playback and editing.


Full Stack Engineer

I'm highly experienced in iOS development, Amazon Web Services, Firebase, and Node.js. I've used React and have experience in building websites.

Senior iOS Developer

I've been developing iOS apps for 10 years. Before QJAM I created a startup called Papped, a local social network that received funding from a top entrepreneur.


iOS Article Author

I am part of the Tutorial Team, a group of elite developers that create high quality iOS tutorials that receive a million hits a month.



I utilise the knowledge I've gained in both iOS development and building tech startups to help companies save time and money, and provide clarity.



Hiring a consultant can be a great way to lower costs, provide clarity and save time. I can help you with Apple's policies, review your team's code, vet your product idea, help conduct tech interviews, and recommend expert freelancers.

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